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New Zealand sea food industry information


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## An Overview of SEO Services in Auckland

* Post author By admin
* Post date July 16, 2020
* No Comments on An Overview of SEO Services in Auckland

There are many SEO services in Auckland that provide a wide range of services
for businesses. These companies work with various search engines to ensure
that they rank high in search engine results. They will also assist with
website design and development.

In order to promote your local business, it is essential that you get into the
top-ranking local businesses. This can be done by helping them to get into
search engine result pages for their keywords. These listings have higher
chance of being found when compared to all the others.

You have many tools at your disposal when you start out your business in
Australia. One of the most useful tools is the Internet. Websites can help to
provide links to your company in Australia. This in turn will help to build
your brand.

Keywords can be a very useful tool to use if you don\'t want to spend too much
time creating a new website. The main thing to remember when doing this is to
make sure that your site is good. There is no point having a website that is
pretty but lacks a few features.

If you are in Auckland and want to start an online business there are many
opportunities available to you. For example, one of the best SEO services in
Auckland is Greenfeather which has a large team of SEO specialists. They can
help to create sites with high quality content for an affordable price.

Greenfeather is the leader in SEO marketing services. These services have been
researched and perfected by their experts to provide great results. They have
been helping businesses and individuals all over the world achieve success in
the internet.

When using an SEO service in Atlanta, there are several things that you need
to look out for. It is important to find a service that is cheap, offers you a
high quality product and has a good reputation. There are plenty of companies
who can provide you with the same service as the one you are looking for.

Another important consideration when choosing an SEO service in Atlanta is the
length of the contract. It is better to stick with a long term arrangement so
that you can have multiple websites on the web. An up and coming company might
offer you a short-term agreement but it is more likely to have the opposite
effect than the one you want.

Finding a successful business will take time. The results will only come
through trial and error. It is vital that you make your business a success and
find ways to promote it on the web.

Search Engine Optimization is a valuable method of making sure that your
company has a website that is known throughout the country. In some areas a
business could be at the mercy of a few local internet customers. However, the
success of your business can be promoted throughout the country.

The key to the success of your business will depend on the type of SEO
services that you use. In general, it is advisable to stay away from services
that claim to do everything for you. As a rule of thumb, the more work that
needs to be done the less valuable the services offered.

If you want to boost your SEO skills you can go online and do some research.
Some of the best SEO companies in the country will help you get your business
noticed by the right people.

* * *



## Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

* Post author By admin
* Post date July 15, 2020
* No Comments on Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is a big job. You need to consider many factors when you
want to refurbish your bathroom.

First, determine how big the toilet will be. Make sure that it will fit into
the space that you have available. If you\'re renovating a bathroom that is
already there, then consider if you can add or re-arrange the existing
features of the bathroom. Sometimes this is possible.

Second, consider if you want an electric toilet or a tankless. A tankless
water heater is ideal because it saves you a lot of money. This type of heater
will not burn fuel or emit fumes. It also provides for a cleaner looking

Third, consider what design elements you want. Whether you want a spacious,
modern bathroom, or a simple, simple one. In the event that you do decide to
change the design of the bathroom, make sure that you plan ahead. Before you
start, figure out the total cost of the renovations. Some aspects, such as
cleaning and polishing the floors, can add to the cost of the bathroom

Fourth, think about what style you want the room to have. From antique to
contemporary, you can create any style you wish. If you want your bathroom to
look as though it has been around forever, then an antique looking floor and
walls might work.

Fifth, consider the fixtures that will go into the room. Fixtures can be
simple or elaborate, but if you\'re looking for something inexpensive, then you
can get them from an off-season sale.

Sixth, consider the use of paint. It\'s possible to create a luxurious bathroom
with the right paint color. If you opt for a more rustic, natural look, then
consider having a tile floor. If you don\'t mind the colors that run the gamut,
then consider having hardwood floors.

Seventh, consider what services you\'ll need. If you\'re renovating an old-
fashioned bathtub and toilet, you can buy and install the fixtures yourself.
If you want a full remodel, then you might hire someone to do this work for
you. Either way, the majority of the work will be done by someone.

Eighth, get the measurements. The bathroom renovation will take place over a
period of time, so you need to know the dimensions of the area that you will
be remodeling. Have a professional come out and take the measurements before
you start to avoid problems later on.

Ninth, decide what you need to get out of the project. For example, is it all
bathroom remodeling or do you need some furniture in your new bathroom? If you
plan on getting a vanity or tub, then this should not be a problem. If you
plan on changing the paint or getting new flooring, then it may be a good idea
to have a professional do this work for you.

Tenth, consider the convenience of getting additional amenities. Are you
getting a new toilet, or perhaps a walk in shower? Many people want these
items. However, if you\'re having a bathroom renovation, then you may want to
find other ways to make it easier.

It\'s easy to make mistakes when you\'re remodeling your bathroom. By learning
as much as you can about what you need, you can be more confident in the
decisions that you make.

* * *



## Carpet Cleaning In East Auckland

* Post author By admin
* Post date June 18, 2020
* No Comments on Carpet Cleaning In East Auckland

Carpet cleaning in East Auckland has long been considered the best way to get
your carpet soft and sparkling clean. After all, nobody wants their furniture
or home to look as if it\'s fallen from a very low tree!

Some people, especially those with older carpets, may wonder if it\'s worth the
time and money to clean a carpet yourself. You\'re right to be cautious because
carpets can do a lot of damage in just a few hours. It\'s not worth messing up
an otherwise beautiful and usable carpet just to clean it!

With that being said, many homes today rely on their carpets to hide or
protect everything from scratches to spills. For this reason, some people
choose to keep their carpets professionally cleaned for the sake of their pets
and guests.

The truth is, it is possible to clean your carpet without using a
professional. All you need is some simple steps and tips to ensure your carpet
stays soft and clean for years to come. If you\'re thinking about having your
carpet professionally cleaned, consider the following:

Cleaning alone will only take care of what needs to be cleaned; you\'ll need to
use some extra precautions to make sure you get the most out of your cleaning
job. Here are a few things you should always do with your cleaning job.

Cleaning carpets requires regular vacuuming. You should keep this to at least
once per week. A simple rake can be used to clean around hard to reach areas
and the backs of furniture. Most vacuum cleaner bags come with a brush
attachment so that you can be sure you\'re getting your carpets all the way to
the bottom.

An easy way to maintain a soft carpet is to wipe it down every day. Use an
anti-static shampoo to get rid of dust and dirt and then dry the rug in the
sunlight to prevent dryness. This will keep your carpet looking nice and new.

The dust that\'s built up on your carpet can cause it to look dirty. To prevent
the dust from building up, clean it up every day using an anti-static liquid
or something that repels dust. Some experts recommend using a light sandpaper
with a sponge.

This works by exposing the middle layer of your carpet to oxygen, so it
naturally scatters the dust particles. Remember to thoroughly dry the rug
after cleaning to avoid any damage. This trick is also helpful for a laminate

You can also try using different types of steam cleaners on your carpet to
help get the dust out of your living room or bedroom. If you want to treat
your carpets more thoroughly, there are products out there designed
specifically for cleaning them. These can work especially well if you live in
an older home where your carpets are often sitting on top of heavy furniture
and sofas.

This type of carpet cleaner comes in portable or table top versions that work
great on even the most high traffic areas. You can use these for high traffic
areas as well as any other areas of your home that need special attention. The
brush-type units work well to get out dust from hard to reach areas.

It\'s important to know that not all cleaning methods are suited for carpet
cleaning in East Auckland. It\'s also important to know that most of these tips
are common sense. They\'re also easy to do, so if you\'re new to carpet
cleaning, these tips should be used at home first.

* * *



## Why Buy A Car Phone Holder?

* Post author By admin
* Post date June 17, 2020
* No Comments on Why Buy A Car Phone Holder?

The car phone holder is the new age accessory that lets people bring their
phone in the car without having to worry about their hands getting tired. You
can use them to hang your phone when you are driving, or put it in the trunk
of your car.

Some people prefer to have a phone when they are driving, so that they don\'t
have to put it away when they get home. However, others find that having a
phone on the seat is very dangerous. They should put their phone in a place
where it is not out of the line of sight, as it is easy to accidentally hit
the phone with the seat.

Another common place to put a phone is in the trunk. It will be right next to
the air bag, and you won\'t have to worry about losing your phone.

You can buy car phone holders that are designed to be mounted in the dash of
your car. These come in different sizes, so that you can fit the phone in the
holder that you want. Some of them also come with extra drawstrings to adjust
the positioning of the phone so that it is out of the way.

The reason why you need to be sure that the car phone holder that you choose
is strong enough to hold the weight of the phone is because there is no way
for you to check if it is stable enough to hold the phone. They are usually
made out of plastic, so they will buckle under the weight of the phone.

A car phone holder is also an important safety device. If the phone were to
fall, the holder would prevent the phone from falling to the ground, where it
could break and injure a person or even cause a car accident.

There are many different types of phone holders on the market. Many of them
come with accessories that will make them more useful, such as easy-to-open
drawstrings and water resistant materials.

The only problem with a car phone holder is that you are dependent on the
brand that you use. If the holder has a bad brand, you will find that you will
not be able to enjoy the features that you are supposed to have.

You also want to find a holder that is affordable. As long as you have a few
dollars to spend, you can go and pick up one of these products, which you can
use in your car and then in your home.

Before you get your car phone holder, you will need to make sure that you know
how to operate the various buttons and controls. This is very important,
especially if you have kids in the car with you.

Another good part about this product is that it will add to the security of
your vehicle. If you have a child in the car with you, the holder can be used
to keep the phone safe.

With so many car accessories available on the market, you might find that you
get confused. Make sure that you get a car phone holder that you will use,
because they will help you to enjoy all the benefits that they offer.

* * *



## Wallpainting Services - Tips For Choosing Great Wallpainters

* Post author By admin
* Post date May 11, 2020
* No Comments on Wallpainting Services - Tips For Choosing Great Wallpainters

There are many Auckland painters that are talented, hardworking and have the
same values that all good artists have. They can make your walls look
fantastic and they will also enhance your home. Here are a few tips for
choosing a suitable Auckland painter.

If you are searching for a fine example of Auckland painters, you will need to
take a few steps in order to ensure you find great artwork that you can be
proud of. These steps are also a quick and easy way to make sure you have a
great, unique and great looking wall that is going to make anyone who sees it
smile. This article can give you some useful advice that can help you make
sure you find an artist that will enhance your home, your rooms and more
importantly, your walls.

Firstly, you should consider how long you want the painting to last and how
much it will cost. A wall can be painted in a day or over a period of time
depending on the artist and the quality of the work.

Secondly, you will need to ask about the experience of the Auckland painters
you are considering working with. The better the artists you hire will have a
greater degree of artistic talent, which means they will create fantastic

Thirdly, check out testimonials from previous clients of the wall painting
that you are considering hiring. You will also need to check their expertise
in the field, as many will advertise themselves as talented and you may not
know if they really are or not.

Fourthly, ask about the proof of their work before hiring them. Ask to see
examples of their wall paintings and other work they have done, and you should
be able to tell from the quality of the work that they can get the job done.

Fifthly, make sure that you choose a Sydney-based company that has been in
business for some time, as you don\'t want to waste your money on someone who
is new to the business. Look for a company that has several Sydney painters on
their roster, as these artists will provide you with a range of services that
include painting and decorating.

Sixthly, take time to look through the portfolio of the Sydney-based companies
that you are considering hiring, so that you are able to view their portfolio
of quality painters. Find one or two they like and visit the studios to
discuss your ideas. When hiring one of the Sydney-based companies, the best
thing you can do is look at their portfolios, as they will not offer you the
same results if they do not have any current portfolios.

Seventhly, you should ask for some professional references from the artists
you wish to hire. These references should be people that have worked with the
companies that hire their services, as they should have given feedback on the
services that the companies provided. Also ask for reviews from people that
have previously used the services of one of the companies.

Eighthly, look for companies offering wall painters that have websites. By
doing this, you can see what the companies do, and how well they go about the
job of decorating your home.

Ninthly, you will want to hire wall painters that can offer a range of wall
covering, as this will allow you to cover most of the areas that you wish to
cover, such as doors, windows, windowsills, ceilings, moulding, mirrors,
kitchen walls, bathroom walls, lighting, ceiling fans, bathroom ceiling fans,
entrance doors, shutters, custom accent lights, tiles, stucco and wallpaper-
type services. You should also ensure that the company that hires the wall
painters has online galleries and websites, so that you can see examples of
their work before you hire them.

These are some great tips for making sure you choose Auckland painters that
will enhance your home and not damage it. If you take the time to research
each company you are considering, you will get the best result and the best
value for your money.

* * *



## Pest Control Near Me - What to Do

* Post author By admin
* Post date May 7, 2020
* No Comments on Pest Control Near Me - What to Do

I just finished reading an article about pest control near me. There are
issues that plague our homes. Issues like pests, bad odors, dust, pests, and
so on.

Many of these problems seem minor. But there is always the question of what
can we do to help prevent or stop the problem from happening? Many people try
to tackle it on their own, but they often end up frustrated because they have
not taken the time to understand the cause of the problem in the first place.

When someone notices a problem, they will normally try to figure out how to
fix it themselves. However, when you are faced with a problem like these, the
best thing to do is take it to the professional. This is because the problem
may not be so big.

They can usually take care of the problem quickly and effectively. However,
the professional could just as easily do the same thing. So you end up getting
what you paid for. And we don\'t want that.

Also, many people tend to notice pests creeping into their home in the first
place. While some people might notice these as small little things, others
notice larger things like insects and bugs.

For example, if someone notices their clothes smelling funny, they could be
dealing with an issue. If they notice something happening, they usually want
to come and see what is going on before they contact the pest control

The other thing that they may notice is that they notice the professional
acting strange. One person might notice the pest control professional cleaning
his or her home with their back turned, while the other person may notice the
pest control professional attempting to get them to sign some sort of document
before he/shegets there.

In this situation, they often forget that the professional is there to help
them. They assume that the professional should already know what to do with
them because the people are so busy with their personal lives.

Many people assume that it is best to contact the professional and ask them
what they can do for them. But they must also realize that doing this will
usually cost more than doing it yourself. They may end up making a mistake by
contacting the professional instead of doing it themselves.

They also may not understand that the professional may be able to solve the
problem faster than they can. The professional is trained and knows what to
do, whereas the homeowner has no idea what to do and might not be familiar
with any kind of solutions.

In any case, if the professional can get rid of the problem, then the
professional will be the one to tell the homeowner that they did a good job
and gave them the best solution. This makes the homeowner feel better about
what they did.

They will also understand that if they didn\'t get rid of the problem, then
they can get more problems. They don\'t have to worry about how the pest
control company handled the problem. They can focus on the problems at hand
rather than the pest control company.

* * *



## All About Moving and Storage Services Provided by Auckland Movers

* Post author By admin
* Post date April 30, 2020
* No Comments on All About Moving and Storage Services Provided by Auckland Movers

Auckland movers offer many moving and storage services to the customers. In
addition, they also offer the best solutions to most of the problems of the

Most of the Auckland movers are well established in this locality. They offer
a wide range of services including moving and storage services. These movers
have been able to succeed because of their exceptional efficiency and
reliability. Apart from the services, they are also the ones who can take care
of most of the problems that their customers may face.

Moving and storage services are provided by movers. As the name suggests,
these movers offer the storage and moving service to the customers. The
customers do not need to worry about anything as they can hire the services of
these movers without any hassles.

Moving and storage services are a multi-pronged move. It is intended to help
the customers save time, effort and money. Moreover, it also includes the cost
saving factor as most of the Auckland movers are able to reduce the overall
cost of the move by providing all the necessary services.

These movers offer several moving and storage services. One of them is their
storage services. This is an additional service which helps the customers to
store their belongings until the time when they can move into their new home.

These services include packing up the valuable belongings. After this, the
customers are provided with services that include packing, storing and moving
the important items to their new home. This also includes storing the boxes,
articles and personal belongings.

In the end, the customer\'s name will be printed on the boxes as a proof of his
purchase. It is very important to state the customer\'s name to themove so that
all the belongings are transferred and stored at the new place. Most of the
Auckland movers provide this service.

This move can be carried out efficiently with the help of these storage
services. This is one of the reasons why the Auckland movers are among the
most preferred moving and storage services provider in this locality. The
clients can choose which type of storage service they want as per their

There are several types of storage services provided by Auckland movers. The
basic types of these services include storage of goods and light packing. The
light packing is done by movers in order to bring the items into good
condition before they are moved to their new homes.

Movers also provide security and relocation services to the customers. They
provide the clients with security services, which are essential if there is a
major change in the location. Customers can use these services as a
precautionary measure, especially when they have a limited budget to move.

However, it is recommended to the clients to take their belongings from the
movers\' storage facility with the help of their cars. The people usually carry
their items from the moving storage facility directly to their homes. This is
the safest option for the clients as they can avoid the hassle of trying to
find parking spaces in their area.

Clients can choose a service according to their requirements. This will help
them to choose the service that suits their needs.

* * *



## Finding the Right Office Chairs

* Post author By admin
* Post date April 5, 2020
* No Comments on Finding the Right Office Chairs


The office chairs NZ is a very important element in the working environment,
because it sets the tone for your work environment. Many employees complain
about bad seats and would happily trade in their old office chairs for a new

The problem with many cheap office chairs is that they don\'t provide good
support, and a person sitting in an uncomfortable seat will inevitably become
uncomfortable over time. One of the main problems is that many of these chairs
are made from very cheap materials such as plastic or upholstery.

An office chair can be made from different materials. But if the material is
cheap, then it will soon fall apart after several years. After a few years of
use, any cheap chair will buckle or may even start to show the start of wear.

Another problem with cheap office chairs is that they often lack ergonomic
features. Often a chair does not have enough cushioning, which can reduce
blood circulation, and cause you to sweat.

Many companies in New Zealand to invest in office chairs that are not only
designed to improve the comfort of the employee, but to improve the
productivity of the staff as well. If the job is boring or monotonous, then
the staff will start to get bored. This will then lead to errors and poor

To avoid a large amount of staff leaving their jobs, many companies in New
Zealand to invest in ergonomically designed chairs that have been specifically
designed to increase comfort and productivity. A good office chair will help
your staff be able to do their job efficiently. Most staff in New Zealand feel
more relaxed when sitting in a comfortable office chair.

Many of the companies also want to help improve the environment by encouraging
the staff to enjoy their jobs, rather than getting angry about the lack of
good comfort. So many people get angry when it starts to hurt, rather than
comfortable when it hurts. It takes a lot of effort to keep an office staff
happy, but the good news is that any improvement to the office environment
will improve employee morale.

Having a comfortable office chair that is ergonomically designed is now easier
than ever. Most manufacturers now provide a range of comfortable and
ergonomically designed office chairs, so it is now possible to purchase office
chairs that will help you improve the comfort of your staff.

There are now great brand names available in the market such as Viscoactive,
Cobra Active, and Caribou, that provide ergonomic chairs that work. With some
of these companies you can choose to either purchase the office chair or get
it as a free upgrade, which will save you money and will make your customers

It is always a good idea to ask questions when buying new furniture for your
office. It is easy to become frustrated with sales staff at a furniture store,
and it is tempting to get something that is too big or too small.

Asking the customer service team at the company what they recommend is a good
idea. If the staff doesn\'t know where to get the best deals, then the customer
may not.

At some of the best furniture stores in New Zealand, you can purchase office
chairs without even stepping out of the store. You should take some time to
browse through these furniture stores and learn how to compare the different
features on offer, before deciding on the perfect office chair.

* * *



## Best Guide to Sustainable Seafood

* Post author By admin
* Post date November 27, 2019
* No Comments on Best Guide to Sustainable Seafood

Best Guide to Sustainable Seafood: simply ask, \"Is it from New Zealand?\"
Under New Zealand\'s world-leading fisheries management regime, the QMS (quota
management system), there\'s no need to guess or ponder what fish is
sustainable. If any fish stock was threatened or at unsustainable levels, the
New Zealand government would reduce the TACC (total allowable commercial
catch) to zero - and it would no longer be on sale your seafood store or

So if you want to know which fish is ‘safe\' then just check if it\'s New
Zealand seafood.

New Zealand\'s hoki fishery has just been re-certified by the Marine
Stewardship Council and was the first fishery in the world to gain this
exacting qualification.

In 2007 the Minister of Fisheries allocated more than $4 million to securing
sustainability certification for New Zealand\'s entire fisheries. This
demonstrates the government\'s high level of confidence in the QMS and the
long-term sustainability of our fisheries.

New Zealanders can be justifiably proud of the reputation that our seafood has
for being sustainably managed.

\"So it\'s that simple. If you want a guide to choosing sustainable seafood -
just ask one easy question: is it New Zealand seafood? \"
Have you seen the Great Fish Guide? This informative wallet-size card is a
must have when doing your weekly shop or visiting your local fish retailer.
For more information on the Great Fish Guide »

* * *



## Hoki

* Post author By admin
* Post date November 27, 2019
* No Comments on Hoki

New Zealand takes pride in the fact that both its hoki stocks are among the
best managed stocks in the world.

At the beginning of the 2009/2010 fishing year (1 October 2009), the New
Zealand Minister of Fisheries announced that the Total Allowable Commercial
Catch (TACC) of the nation\'s two hoki fisheries for the upcoming fishing year
(2009/2010) has increased by 20,000 tonnes - more than a 20 percent increase
over the previous year. This marks the successful rebuilding of the Western
stock, which required catch reductions, a painful process that was undertaken
with full support by quota owners in the New Zealand seafood industry in order
to keep the fisheries healthy and sustainable.

Industry views the decision as a tremendous validation of a long-term strategy
to keep the hoki fisheries economically and environmentally sustainable.
Beginning about a decade ago, the New Zealand government and seafood industry
made the difficult decision to cut the quota and to shrink the fleet in order
to preserve the long-term viability of the hoki fisheries. The catch increase
decision is the result of those years of prudent and disciplined management.

Hoki facts
The Basics
Hoki is managed ecologically and sustainably. It is regularly assessed and
monitored by the New Zealand government agency, the Ministry of Fisheries.
It is not and has never been over-fished. This is verified by independent
science (see below).
There are two major hoki stocks in New Zealand, one to the west of the
country, and the other to the east. Both remain above the limits set by the
Ministry of Fisheries to ensure sustainability.
The best scientific information available - a 2009 stock assessment by the
Ministry of Fisheries - found both stocks are within sustainable target
The stocks will naturally fluctuate in size driven by the number of new fish
entering the population. As they have done in the past, fisheries managers
manage these fluctuations by adjusting catch limits.
When assessments earlier in the decade showed declines in the hoki stock, the
New Zealand government took action to implement lower catch limits to allow it
to recover. As a direct result of that action the 2009 stock assessment showed
the hoki fisheries are healthy, increasing in size and have responded well to
prudent management. In response to these conditions, the Ministry of Fisheries
is considering raising catch limits this year.
In marked contrast to the reckless claims of environmental activists, the hoki
stock is among the most responsibly and successfully managed in the world.
Most of the area where hoki live has not, and never has been, fished for hoki.
Less than 10 per cent of New Zealand\'s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) has ever
been trawled. A total of 30 per cent of the EEZ has been closed to trawling in
perpetuity by law to protect benthic (seafloor) ecosystems.
Methods to mitigate by-catch of seabirds and mammals have long been used in
the hoki trawl fishery. The level of accidental by-catch of protected species
in the hoki fishery is low. In recent years mitigation efforts focused on
seabirds has resulted in a clear decline in by-catch.
Read the June 2009 New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries press release on hoki.

Fisheries Management Facts
Fisheries in each hoki stock are managed under separate catch limits, based on
scientific assessments, reviewed annually and with adjustments to catch limits
to ensure sustainability.
The New Zealand Minister of Fisheries is responsible under the Fisheries Act
to ensure that all New Zealand’s fisheries are responsibly managed.
There are significant natural fluctuations in hoki stock sizes due to changes
in the numbers of young hoki produced each year. Catch limits are adjusted in
response to fluctuations.
In 2007, both stocks were re-certified by MSC as being sustainably managed -
recognising that the western stock needed to be rebuilt in size for greater
surety, which has now been done.
Catch limit reductions are used to promote rebuilding and are a regularly
employed tool in effective fisheries management which needs to be flexible to
respond to the natural environment. It is not a response to over-fishing.
Neither of the two hoki stocks has been over-fished.
What the Science Says
Fisheries management is a complex challenge. However, there is a significant
and ongoing amount of research carried out around New Zealand fisheries and
also specifically relating to hoki. Where New Zealand fisheries have been
assessed or studied, the conclusions are generally very, very good.

Read the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries 2009 stock assessment.

You might like to look at this research by Dr Worm et al, released in July

From Dr Worm and Prof Hilborn\'s media release:

It\'s good news for several regions in the U.S., Iceland and New Zealand.
\"These highly managed ecosystems are improving\", says Hilborn.

According to the authors\' analyses, Alaska and New Zealand have led the world
in terms of management success by not waiting until drastic measures are
needed to conserve, restore and rebuild marine resources.

The research shows that New Zealand is singled out as an area where eco-
systems have never been overfished and are effectively managed. The research
clearly shows that New Zealand has successfully managed its fisheries for
ecological sustainability - and this is exceptional.

New York Times wrote about the Worm/Hilborn research in the article Study
Finds Hope in Saving Saltwater Fish.

\"A summary of recent papers comparing the performance of fisheries management
around the world – how does New Zealand stack up?\", Adam Langley (9 September
2009) 90kB
This paper provides a synopsis of four recent publications that compare and
contrast the effectiveness of fisheries management among the world\'s
countries/EEZs. The publications include a review of fisheries management
regimes relative to the UN code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries; a
journal paper that publishes the results from that relate to the
implementation of the Ecosystem based fisheries management; and two additional
publications that use (somewhat) differing criteria to assess the fisheries
management regimes among all or most of the world\'s EEZs. It is a brief
summary of each paper with particular emphasis on the results pertaining to
New Zealand and the performance of New Zealand\'s fisheries management regime
relative to other (developed) countries.

The publication of these studies also coincides with the paper titled
Rebuilding Global Fisheries (the link is above - Worm Hilborn et al) that
rated New Zealand marine areas as second equal with Alaska as the healthiest
in the world. (It is important to note that this rating is the highest
possible…not the ‘best of a bad bunch\'as some NGOs described it.)

Hoki (Macruronus novaezelandiae) is New Zealand\'s most important commercial
fish species. It lives mainly in the middle water depths and is taken by
trawling, usually at depths of around 300 - 600 metres.
Hoki Fishery
Hoki are found throughout New Zealand waters, but the main catching grounds
are off the West Coast of the South Island, in Cook Strait, and on the Chatham

New Zealand\'s hoki fishery is managed by strict quotas which allow only a set
amount of hoki to be taken commercially each year. This Total Allowable
Commercial Catch (TACC) was increased to 110,010 metric tonnes for the 2009/10
fishing year.

For more information on the management and sustainability of hoki please

Management of New Zealand hoki 131kB
Hoki Exports
Total exports of hoki in the year ended December 2009 were worth $NZ 152
The major markets for hoki are Europe and Australia taking around 70 per cent
of the total export. The Asian nations are other important markets.

Virtually all hoki is exported as frozen fillets, frozen blocks of fillets and
minced meat.

Hoki Meat Quality
Hoki flesh is moist, white and delicate, with few bones. It flakes easily and
is excellent for forming into fish block. It is also well suited to further
processing into a wide range of consumer presentations. In fact in New Zealand
and many other countries, it is New Zealand\'s sustainable hoki in your
McDonalds Fillet\'o\'Fish.
For meal ideas using hoki, check out the Recipes on Greatest Meal on Earth

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